First: The Rant

Noël here. My favorite part of delicious blog posts are the pictures. Pictures sell food in print, and great ones make you giddy. Unlike everyone else on the internet (shoutout to my amazing friend Hayley's scone-henges over at Wait...are those...cookies?!) I do not take great pictures. Evidently, light has something to do with it. I did get a better camera though, so that *might* help, but I think it has something to do with me, my kitchen, and my time.

I'm going to take more of an effort to take better pictures, because then maybe I'll actually post more. My posts disappoint me (but let me tell you, the ice cream doesn't!). I so dislike it when things don't turn out as well as I KNOW they could!
Now: The Rave

I nabbed this delectable tome from the bookstore shelf to give to our dear friend for her birthday. It made me so giddy my mother went out and bought me one the next day. And you know what?

It is the most scrumptious beautiful amazing blog in the world. It is inspiring and crushing.

It's what I hope all my work will be and know somehow it won't be.

Unless it will!

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