Move over Dryer's, I've got this one covered.

"Oh, you made homemade ice cream and put Samoa cookies in it?" you ask.

No. I turned the cookie into ice cream.

We've been going on a scratch-only kick around here, and I rarely trust any food from *any* chain store or cafe with a kitchen the size of a train bathroom. At Noah's Bagels, we baked bagels fresh everyday - from thawed, frozen, pre-made bagel dough rounds delivered in a box from a factory somewhere. A friend at Safeway says their cakes arrive frozen, ready to be thawed and decorated. Even their freshly-baked bread comes from a mix.

Food should not come from a factory, from a mix, or from a box.

And Samoa cookies, my friend, come from a factory. But not this ice cream. This ice cream comes from a land of rainbows and clouds and confetti goodness.

These recipes balance out perfectly so that your bonus fudgey goodness evenly spreads on your extra butter cookies.
I'll get better at these shots, I promise.